Still life criollos
Expired Kodakcolor Gold 200 shot on my Zenit EM.
A brief study of natural light projecting over the daily scenes in my house.
My first time shooting an expired film, and cause I'm fearless or stupid, my first time developing film at home too. Overall a beautiful experience, lots of learning and fun. Personal notes for the future: less shaking, more temperature control.

On scene: Mi momento favorito, desayunar con mi mamá. Ese día mientras ella hacía la tortilla más rica del universo -an objective opinion, of course-, también alistaba las cosas del almuerzo y lavaba las papitas amarillas para la sopa.

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These are the records of my fascination and attempt to document the beauty I find in (my)daily - life street scenes. I started experimenting with film photography as a summer project, now I can't imagine other seasons without it.

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